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Hello and welcome to my website.


My name is Nick David and I'm an author based in York. Last year I took a big step forward with the publication of my debut novel, BIRDS OF THE NILE. Part political thriller, part love story, it's set against the background of the Egyptian revolution of 2011. Here are a couple of reviews about it I picked up during a recent blog tour.


This was one of those reads that really made me feel a deeper connection than I was expecting. It really is a novel with a lot of heart and will make you think. Michael Blake's journey is a powerful one. The characters, plot, and pacing were all spot on and really helped to elevate the novel. A superb literary novel. Texas Book Nook


This is a great example of a beautifully written literary novel. The level of writing is really higher than most other things I’ve read as of late and I think that is expected of literary fiction. I liked the political tones in the story. It really brings it to another level and Michael’s suspicions and the people he meets really heighten the story for the reader. I don’t want to give anything away, but this was a great novel on just about every level. A Life Through Books


I'm also working with presenter Elly Fiorentini on BBC Radio York. Once a month she hosts Book Talk and we chat about the latest in books and try to recommend some good reads. The show next goes out on Monday 13 October at 6.30pm when we'll feature a couple of the latest releases. My review of THE SHOCK OF THE FALL by Nathan Filer is now available on the Book Talk page. One for THE GIRL WHO SAVED THE KING OF SWEDEN by Jonas Jonasson will follow shortly.


Meanwhile, in my regular blog, Writing Life, I'm getting involved in the big debate. In 'Scotland Decides- Why I'm Hoping For A No' I put the argument from the rest of the UK's perspective. 


You can find out what else I'm up to on my Events page. Now the holiday season is over things are hotting up and In the next couple of months I'm at two literature festivals in the region - Wolds Words and Wakefield.


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