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Write a Review for MALAREN and win one of my Short Novellas

Hello and welcome to my website.


My third novel, MALAREN, has now been published and I'm keen to get some feedback. So I'm offering a free online copy of one of my short novellas in exchange for a genuine review. Here's how it works.


1. Write your review and post it on Amazon.

2. Send me a message via my Contact page, telling me the name you posted under and which of my novellas you'd like to receive.

3. I will then send you a file you can load onto Kindle or read on your tablet.


That sounds fairly simple, doesn't it? And if you'd like a print copy of MALAREN itself, do pop along to one of my book signings. I'm about to start my Winter Tour and details of where I'll be and when are posted on my Events page. I hope to see you at one of them.


In the meanwhile, I wish you every success with your reading and writing

And Happy New Year, of course.



10 January 2017