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Roundfire to publish fourth N.E.David novel

Hello and welcome to my website.


Breaking news - Roundfire Books have offered to publish my fourth novel, BOXED IN. This comes hot on the heels of my third novel, MALAREN, being entered for both the Man Booker and Costa Novel awards. I've just discovered that I didn't get very far with the Man Booker and I don't suppose things will be very much different with the Costa either but it's fun just even thinking about what might have happened. The news from Roundfire does at least take away some of that pain.


But let's not get too excited yet, BOXED IN is unlikely to appear much before the middle of next year. I've still got some editing work to do on it and then there's all that 'publishing' gubbins Roundfire need to take care of (bless them). In the meanwhile, whilst we're on the subject of editing, don't forget that I've got a new series of blog posts starting in a couple of weeks' time.

Called EDITING IS WRITING it's going to focus on the whole process of editing and how to take a rough draft manuscript from those horrible messy beginnings to the final finished product.


But before we get going on that, you might want to read the last instalment of my blogs where I've been flying the flag for white, middle-class, middle-aged men. You can find that on my Writing Life page. I've also been inveigled into writing a couple of book reviews so my Book Talk page is back in action after its recent lay-off. Check out what I thought of DUST by Mark Thompson.


And do pop along to one of my book signings when I'm next on the road. I've started booking up an Autumn tour and I've posted the details on my Events page. I'll be keeping that up-to-date as the weeks go by.


In the meanwhile, happy reading - and writing.



18 September 2017