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Hello and welcome to my website.


Without wanting to put too fine a point on it, I'm currently in the writing doldrums. My visit to Russia is over and there's barely three weeks to go before I set off again, this time to Devon for a week with the family. These short intervening periods between trips away make it devilishly difficult to settle to anything long-term so I've decided to fill the time by writing a few articles and short stories. Before I left for Moscow I posted JOURNEY BY RAIL on my Writing Life page. This week that's been superceded by CONVERSATION BETWEEN A WRITER AND HIS DEMON ON REACHING 65.


Now that the European Referendum is finally done and dusted, I'm ceasing Euro Talk. I hope to revert to something more literary as soon as I can think up something sensible to replace it with.


In the meanwhile, if you want to keep up to date with whatever else is going on, please check out my Events page.


And, as ever, I wish you happy reading and writing.


N.E.David 4July16