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NE David launches new novel

Hello and welcome to my website.


My name is Nick David and I'm an author based in York. Following the success of BIRDS OF THE NILE, I'm pleased to say that my second novel, THE BURDEN, has now been published. Here's what it's about.


Frank is a reformed alcoholic. He lives at home with his mother, Elisabeth - at least, he did until she went into a nursing home suffering from dementia. He is devoted to her and conversely hates his estranged father, Geoffrey. So when elder sister Pat calls to tell him that Dad is dying and wants to meet him, Frank is forced to face up to his demons. But what are they? And how did he acquire them?

Every family has its secrets and Frank's is no exception. As much as he tries to forget, something happened a long time ago that has coloured his life ever since - and he can't live in peace until he confronts it.

Seen from the perspective of four separate family members, THE BURDEN examines an individual's contrasting relationships and the different emotions they inspire.


William Faulkner famously said 'The past isn't dead. It's not even past.' THE BURDEN explores, with sensitivity and skill, the way that events which took place decades ago can impact on the present. Its unsentimental treatment of childhood as a time of confusion and uncertainty is especially acute. Many readers will see elements of themselves in this emotionally engaging novel.

Miles Salter, Director, York Literature Festival


So for the time being, I'm devoting myself to marketing activities. Following my Book Launch at Waterstones in York, I've now set off on Part Two of my Summer Tour. For details, please go to my Events page.


In the meanwhile, I've been reading Harper Lee's GO SET A WATCHMAN. Described as 'the literary event of the year', its publication is worthy of comment. I've set my thoughts out on my Writing Life page. 


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