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DUST by Mark Thompson
Dust accumulates. In my case it’s on the shelves that house the books in my study. In the case of Mark Thompson, it’s in the soul. It’s the dust acquired by extensive travel through a country he so clearly loves, the USA, and one which has left a lasting impression on him. And once you’ve read his book (which I strongly advise you to do) that impression will stay with you too.
DUST takes us on a journey. But it’s not just Mark’s journey, it’s also the journey of two young boys growing up fast in small-town America. Their personal development as they come across adult life in all its forms will drive the narrative just as we drive the road to the Southern heart, and heat, of the USA. It’s a journey that brings to mind so much of the country’s literary heritage. It’s a road travelled by Kerouac and London and I only have to read of ‘an abandoned cannery dock and watching gulls sway on rusting buoys' to be reminded of Steinbeck and all that he encompassed.
But for me, it’s the writing in this book that stands out. A quick glance at the prologue will tell you you’re in the safe hands of someone who will guide you effortlessly through every idea and sentiment they wish to convey – and there are plenty of those to be had. And when the plot slows, which from time to time of necessity it will, then we can lie back in our seats and enjoy the view brought to us by the author’s lyrically descriptive passages. I can almost hear the riffs from Mark’s guitar as I do…
Further down the road, J.J. and El Greco go speeding on, leaving behind the dust we all eventually become. Travel with them and learn from their experience.
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