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9 JULY 2012



Some while ago, in the dim and distant past (about a week, to be precise), I made a promise that I would keep a Blog charting my progress as a writer. I had erected a website as a monument to the moment when I ceased to be a professional amateur and became an amateur professional. Writing was to become my day job, I was about to ‘arrive’. From where I sit now, permanently glued to my computer screen, things have taken on a rather different perspective and the promise I made then seems nothing if not rash. However, I did make it and I will do my best to hold good to it.


One of my favourite aphorisms has been that ‘being a writer is easy – it’s actually the writing that’s difficult’. To a large extent, that statement is still true – there are plenty of wannabe writers for whom ‘being a writer’ is a pose rather than a profession - but I’ve had to seriously re-examine it in the light of the events of the last fortnight. I never thought it was going to be a simple task to set myself up with the necessary tools to go online and generate a ‘presence’ (it’s not rocket science, after all) but I don’t think I realised just how much time and effort it would involve. As a result, I’m now having second thoughts about that creative writing MA I was going to start in October ...


Since I came back from the Winchester Writers’ Conference two weeks ago, life has been a continual round of emails, tweets, finalising the website and preparing the ebook (oh yes, there’s one on the way!). In between times, I’ve just about been able to eat and sleep - thank God England got knocked out of Euro 2012 when they did or it would have made things completely impossible. As for Wimbledon, I haven't dared think about it. It’s been exhausting, exhilerating and totally addictive and there’s certainly been no time for writing. That is a problem - and clearly one I am going to have to address in the future.


I’ve kept some good company along the way. Joe Konrath (The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing) is a tremendous source of information and encouragement and I can thoroughly recommend downloading his book onto Kindle or visiting his website and reading his blogs on the subject – the man is a legend in this area. I’ve also been drawing inspiration from Susan Buchanan ( who epitomises the dedication required of the modern writer to succeed. Although I may not relish the prospect (I’m usually in bed by half past nine), at least I’m now prepared for working into the wee small hours when it comes to promoting my five free days on KDP Select. I’m planning on making a pack-up and eating it while I tweet ...


Anyway, here we are, up and running at last. Swan Lake seems to have been well received and I thank those who have taken the time and effort to post comments. It’s still available for those who haven’t read it yet (see my blog post of 2 JULY 2012) and you can always give me your thoughts on it. But now it’s time to move on and prepare for the launch of Feria. Watch this space, as they say.


Finally, a word of support for my fellow writer, Wendy Loveday, who is attempting to write a novel in a week. If my experiences over the last fortnight are anything to go by, she’s in for one hell of a time.