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24 JULY 2012



I tell you what – let’s forget about the Summerhouse for a few days. That’s not to say I haven’t made any more progress. Sunday was a cracking day, I got out into the garden and I got a lot done. I’ll report on that on Friday when things have settled down and I’ve got a bit more time. But this blog was always supposed to be about my writing life and I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve been neglecting that of late. Now I have news to report so I’m taking time out to make a post.


As you can see, I’ve launched my first ebook, Feria – A Spanish Comedy. And it won’t have escaped your notice that I’ve been promoting it fairly heavily, both on Twitter and here on my website. It’s been out for just over two weeks now and the results have been disappointing to say the least. I’ve made a few sales (I know who these people are and I thank them for it) but I’ve not yet managed to reach the wider reading public and as we speak the book is languishing at #120806 in the Amazon charts – hardly an international bestseller!


But it’s not all bad news. I’ve had some great reviews (see ) and that’s given me a lot of encouragement. On Saturday they reached double figures and with that in mind I decided to try and give things a boost and enter the KDP Select Free Promotional programme. Feria goes free on Wednesday and Thursday this week and I’m currently working my socks off to make that a success.


There’s a lot been written about KDP Select – I know that for a fact as I’ve been reading most of it over the last few days! – and not all of it good. What seems to be generally accepted is that you need to have a battle-plan and that you need to work 24/7 while it’s running. I’ve got nothing to lose so I’m spending Monday and Tuesday getting my ducks in a line ready for Wednesday and Thursday. With my 10+ reviews safely in the bag, I’ve registered Feria on the obligatory websites (Pixel of Ink, Your Book Authors etc.) and today I’ll be seeking out the appropriate Twitter helpers. As for the hard work, I’ve never minded that – you don’t get owt fer nowt, as they say in this part of the world.


Come Friday and we’ll know the awful truth – was it successful or not? I’m going to let a little time pass over the coming weekend and assess the results, then post a blog next Monday to let you know all about it. In the meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed ...