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10 OCTOBER 2012



I’ve returned from America (that much we know), the best part of three months lie ahead of us before the inevitable Christmas break, so it’s an obvious opportunity to sit down and set out what my intentions are writing wise. After all, although I’m allowed to stop off and ‘smell the flowers’ from time to time, this is supposed to be a blog about a literary career, right?


I had originally thought of calling it ‘Taking Stock’ (I like to give my blogs meaningful names) but I see I already have one with that title. ‘Taking Stock 2’ came to mind - but that seemed rather dull. And as the TV was on in the background while I was jotting down a few notes and a certain film was showing, the answer became clear. So, ‘After The Lord Mayor’s Show’ it has to be ‘Back To The Future’.


Much of that future is already pre-ordained. FERIA, my first ebook, will soon be followed by another, CAROL’S CHRISTMAS, which to no-one’s great surprise is scheduled to appear in time for the festive season. In the New Year I hope to add the third of my novellas, A DAY AT THE RACES, to that collection. Standard stuff.


The idea has always been to build on that with the launch of my debut novel, BIRDS OF THE NILE, which I hope to see published in 2013 although the format in which it will be published has yet to be decided. I have a phone call with a prospective agent to discuss it next Monday and as I flatter myself to think he might read my blog by way of preparation, I’m not going to detail my thoughts on the subject in advance. A full report will be made in due course.


Rather than sit and twiddle my thumbs while I nervously await the outcome, I have retrieved a piece of work from the pending tray. With the working title AS DAD LAY DYING, it’s the first draft of a novel I set aside eighteen months ago in order to focus on BIRDS OF THE NILE. My first and major task of every writing day is now its revision and after my cup of tea at 6.30am I am locked in the study in the hopes of remaining undisturbed at it until my coffee break at 11. So far, so good and I have 18000 relevant, if not yet polished, words.


But that’s not quite enough. This was brought home to me last Friday when I attended a Spoken Word Roadshow reading in Helmsley to promote the up-coming Ryedale Book Festival ( I have been reading excerpts from a piece I wrote called A BRASS FARTHING with the intention of completing the whole story over the course of a number of open mic sessions. It’s about 14000 words long - too short for a novella but too long for a short story and of no interest whatsoever to today’s publishers who want their output in prescribed sizes. As a result, it has languished in the ‘completed’ drawer of the filing cabinet ever since it was finished with no prospect of seeing the light of day.


But as I discovered on Friday night, it’s a cracking story and now that I have my own website, I can inflict it on the population at large rather than just my open mic audience. So the thought has occurred to me that I could serialise it in bite-size chunks as a blog on a weekly basis. The blog could be called ‘The Weekly Read’ - although I’m sure that with a little thought, a more attractive title could be found. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me have them in the comments box.


There, you have been warned! To add to everything else, one of my objectives in the near future is to serialise A BRASS FARTHING as a blog. Watch this space.