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Last week I explored the meaning of the word Feria and we discovered the exhilarating world of the Spanish festival with all its exciting sights and sounds. Now I’ve whetted your appetite for Spain, I want to try and take you there – mentally if not physically – and whisk you away to a remote area up in the hills, the perfect place to relax after all that hectic partying in Seville.


So where is Bubion? Well, it’s in Andalucia, the second largest and most populous region of Spain. And for those of you who don’t know where Andalucia is, here’s a map to help you out.


It’s made up of a variety of landscapes – mountains, plains and of course the beaches of the Costa del Sol. But behind this overtly touristic image is a quiet hinterland that epitomises rural Southern Spain.

The capital of Andalucia is Seville itself but the area comprises many famous landmarks, none more well-known than the Alhambra Palace in Granada, a place I will want to visit in detail in a future article. It’s also home to the Sierra Nevada mountains, the highest set of peaks on the Iberian peninsula. The name literally means ‘snowy range’ but the word sierra also means saw in Spanish – the idea being that the tips of the mountains resemble the teeth of a saw. And somewhere in the foothills of these mountains, lies the tiny village of Bubion ...


The few images of Andalucia I’ve shown here simply don’t do justice to its outstanding natural beauty. To get a full appreciation of the area click here and let Rustic Blue take you there. Theirs is the best website I can find – it’s beautifully laid out and the pictures are stunning. This is the Bubion site. You will see it’s one of the renowned white villages (Los Pueblos Blancos) that lie sprinkled about the hilly slopes of the Sierra Nevada. (You’ll also see another huge vat of paella – it’s becoming a recurrent theme!)

Here’s another Rustic Blue site This is the one we clicked on in 2006 when we planned our visit to the area. The style is the same as before and the images are equally as impressive – no wonder that we chose to use them to book our self-contained villa and pool (see example above). It’s in Orgiva, the capital of the Alpujarra. This is where Chris Stewart, the former Genesis drummer, took himself and his family to live and famously wrote Driving Over Lemons, a must-read if you’re visiting. The area now attracts ‘travellers’ and here are a couple of them, doing what eccentric Brits do best while the locals look on in dis-belief. Don’t let them put you off though – they’re harmless.

Andalucia is truly suberb – if what I’ve shown you today doesn’t encourage you to go there, I can’t think what will. And by the way, any similarity between Orgiva and Orecha, the setting for my comic novella, Feria, is of course, purely coincidental!