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4 July 2014

TO CATCH A RABBIT  by Helen Cadbury


At last! A proper crime novel with a proper crime and a good deal of suspense. As you’ve probably gathered, they're not my genre of choice - but occasionally something presents itself that begs to be looked at. I chose To Catch A Rabbit because it offered not just a thrilling read but also because it exposes us to a modern issue, namely human trafficking and the sex-trade, and so has the potential to tell us something about the human condition.


The book certainly has a 'literary' feel to it and while Helen Cadbury's prose never becomes overly poetic, she can certainly write and I never questioned her style. As to characterisation, the cover blurb suggests that we will become intimate with Sean Denton but in fact I fould the portrayal of Karen Friedman more revealing. As the book progresses, Sean seems to recede into the background as we focus on Karen, but he then reasserts himself in the climactic ending. While Karen's story looks to be told, I sense that Sean has more to offer and that we may hear more of him before too long.


The plot itself is deftly woven and motors along at a steady, if not lightning pace with plenty of twists and turns before the obligatory explosive ending - and a final surprise.

An altogether good read.